Project and Program Management

  1. Human Resources Management Development and Support Services
    Human Resources Management Development and Support Services
    This project involved evaluating the ongoing support needs for human resources professionals working in health centers throughout the country. Following an analysis of available research, focus groups and interviews with subject experts, we determined that an online resources center, regular telephonic and video conferencing and webinars on specific topics of interest would provide a substantial and meaningful level of programmatic support for HR professionals.
  2. Published Article
    Published Article
    This article, authored by us, was based on an interview of an expert concerning the issues confronting human resources staff working in health centers. The article was published in the organization's official magazine.
  3. Monthly Support Group Meeting
    Monthly Support Group Meeting
    A national group of state and regional level human resources professionals convened monthly and then quarterly to discuss issues of concern for the health facilities. This group also served as an expert advisory group for HR professionals who solicited assistance/answers to questions through the website or email support options.
  4. Human Resources Information Clearinghouse
    Human Resources Information Clearinghouse
    This online information and resources clearinghouse serves as a central repository for health center HR personnel. Data is collected on the types of resources requested, and the content is updated regularly to reflect demand.

Online and Blended Learning

  1. Online Compliance Training
    Online Compliance Training
    This online educational program was developed in collaboration with the client's content experts and was deployed on the client's web servers. The program covers all aspects of compliance for employees and board members and offers a tremendous number of additional resources, allowing the learner to review as much or little as they need. Learning and retention is measured through objective and subjective testing. The curriculum we developed is story and scenario based, engaging the learner with real life examples right from the start.
  2. Substitute Teacher Orientation & Training Program
    Substitute Teacher Orientation & Training Program
    This program was developed for a medium-sized school district to help prepare new substitute teachers for the classroom. This multimedia program consists of video, documents, classroom aids and testing and practice activities to prepare the teachers. The overwhelmingly positive results of this program were measured and analyzed and presented with the client at the national AASPA conference.
  3. Enterprise Management Training System
    Enterprise Management Training System
    This blended educational program was designed to prepare employees based in the headquarters of a national rehabilitation staffing company for the implementation of a new enterprise management system. The program consisted on online self-study, classroom training, practice activities and online support resources. The curriculum was developed in collaboration with the client's IT team and executive management team. We documented the natural flow of work processes, facilitated adjustments to the software development to more closely mirror the most efficient processes, and finally, designed and wrote the curriculum.
  4. Integrated Care Leadership Program
    Integrated Care Leadership Program
    This multimedia online learning program was designed to help medical, operations and finance staff in health clinics understand how to implement and sustain integrated behavioral and primary health care. The curriculum was designed in collaboration with a working group of content experts assembled by the client and Inspired Solutions. The program consisted of 6 modules with custom video, job aids (clinical algorithms, posters, etc.) and supplemental resources uploaded to the client's learning management system.
  5. Fulfillment Hour - A New Way to Do Church School
    Fulfillment Hour - A New Way to Do Church School
    This multimedia program was developed from a book, and incorporated video that we recorded and additional resources to assist Church School Superintendent's with the implementation of this innovative new model.
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